What to Know Before You Buy a Laptop Battery


When selecting the right laptop battery, you need to ensure it is compatible with the computer. Also, you ought to take into account its service life, power rating, and materials. That is because these materials have an impact on lifespan and performance. Also, you should consider whether you want a generic replacement or an original battery such as Batterie Dell XPS 15 9560. No matter the battery you choose, you should consider the warranty provided by the manufacturer or distributor. Moreover, you should ensure it meets safety standards.

Features of Laptop Battery


No matter how good the battery is, it is of no use if it is not compatible with your laptop. You should note that most laptop batteries are designed to work with certain models of computers. Fortunately, you can get the information on the product description. You can check whether the battery can work with your laptop by checking the model and make of your laptop. Also, you should check the battery part number on the casing.


It is advisable to take into account the material used to make the battery. Most laptop batteries are made of Lithium-Ion Polymers, Lithium-Ion, and Nickel Cadmium. However, modern laptops do not use Nickel-Cadmium batteries because they are heavy and have a low service life.

When considering the material, ensure you either purchase Li-Poly or LiON batteries. That is because these batteries are lighter and last longer as compared to other options. In addition, they charge quickly and are environmentally friendly. No matter the material of the laptop battery you consider, make sure you choose a model from a manufacturer that adheres to international standards.


The power rating or capacity of the laptop battery is quite important. Ideally, the capacity is the amount of power a battery can supply, and it is denoted by mAh. Make sure you get a higher capacity battery as it ensures you have adequate time to complete your tasks before it runs out.

Service Life

You should note that the service life of a laptop battery varies from one model to another. The service life is defined as the length of time it can work optimally, and it is denoted in cycles. The cycle consists of the battery running out completely and then charging it again fully. Ideally, most laptop batteries have to charge cycles ranging from 400 to 2000. Still, the batteries can be used when they reach their maximum cycles, but their performance is compromised.


Also, you may need to consider whether to purchase a branded laptop battery or get a generic replacement. You should note that most manufacturers get their parts from the same source. Therefore, laptop batteries may not have a big difference, whether they are branded or not. However, branded versions are designed to meet safety standards and use quality components. They also have longer warranties than the generic ones.

New Versus Refurbished

Other than branding, you need to determine whether to purchase a refurbished or new laptop battery. Although refurbished laptop batteries are cheaper, it is a bit risky as you cannot tell the age of the battery. Some of these batteries die suddenly and do not come with warranties. Therefore, you are safe with a new laptop battery.


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