Answers to Common Questions About Fire Doors


When you occupy or use any building, you have a right to be protected from fire outbreaks. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Things can go wrong, and within a few minutes, the fire consumes the building causing serious injury or death. Fire Doorsets form part of the fire protection system, an important requirement for public offices, factories, and buildings. Moreover, they are a requirement in some residential situations. For instance, they can be installed in flats and apartments.

The ceilings, walls, exits, and entrances are designed to resist fire for a given period. Ideally, the fire door must perform its function like any other normal door, but it should protect lives during a fire outbreak. These are some of the questions people ask about these doors.

What is the difference between standard doors and fire doors?

A fire door is designed to withstand fire for a particular period. In most cases, it can withstand fire up to 30 minutes. Such an amount of time is adequate to allow inhabitants to escape. Remember that fire doors can be of solid construction and made with the special core or wood composite material that burns easily. Also, they have special seals that can be fitted into the frame or door. The door thwarts the spread of smoke and fire.

How Can You Spot Fire Doors?

Fire doors are widely used in public buildings that include offices and hotels but are mandatory in domestic homes. This varies depending on particular building regulations. Therefore, there is a need to check the building regulations. Most of the fire doors are installed internally, but they are fitted for external use in some situations. Some regulations stipulate their use.

Are Fire Doors Available in Different Styles?

Yes. Fire doors are available in a lot of styles. Thus, you have a huge choice of designs, including glazing options and finishes. The fire doors are sold as a set, including an essential frame that holds the door in place. Also, the door set is tested to ensure that it is compatible with different elements.

How Do You Install a Fire Door?

The truth is that fire doors ought to be installed correctly. That is because the installation is quite important as far as the door’s performance is concerned during a fire outbreak. Fitting instructions are supplied with the door, and it is vital to follow guidelines and check that elements used are compatible, including the ironmongery and correct seals.

Are Fire Doors Tested?

Yes. Depending on the country of manufacture, fire doors must be tested to ensure they perform their function as required. An independent company must do the testing. In fact, a real fire test is done to determine its level of resistance.

Fire doors are available in modern designs. Therefore, they do not have to look unattractive and expensive. Although they cost hire than regular doors, they can save you and your family from smoke poisoning and fire. You can install them anywhere and are durable.


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