How to Make a Wig Cap for Honey Blonde Wigs

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If you bought your honey blonde wig yourself, then you may not exactly understand the stress of making such wigs. The process of turning hair bundles into wigs is a tedious process that deserves an award. To make a honey blonde wig and any wig at all, you may need one hundred hours of dedicated work. You have to start sewing each strand to the cuticles on the wig cap. If there are any mistakes, it may affect the whole outcome of the wig and its lifespan.

Wig caps are one of the most critical parts of wig construction, if not the most vital. If the wig cap goes wrong, the sewing process will be daunting, and the wig won’t last. If the size of the wig cap is too small or too large, it won’t be wearable for the user. Because of the stress of making the wig itself and the number of options available, most people buy wig caps from experts.

The truth is, however, no matter how good a wig cap looks, it can not be the perfect fit. Of course, it may stay firm on your head, but when your hair gets fuller, it may be damaged. That’s why it is better to make your wig cap by yourself. Fortunately, creating a wig cap is not a complex process. Here’s the process;

Style your hair

The present hairstyle you have influenced the look of your wig cap. If you have your hair cut, then you may not need to worry about the hair size until your hair grows. However, if you have hair, you need to style it to the back. You may try to style it in a cornrow or braid it to the back. All you have to remember is the hair you’re styling will affect the size of the wig cap. Therefore, as much as possible, pick a style that you will be highly comfortable with.

Wrap Your Head Around

With plastic wrap, cover your head a few times and use strong tape to hold your hair. While covering the head with the plastic wrap, ensure it cuts across your hairline, ears, and forehead. Of course, your wig cap isn’t going to go past your hairline, but to get the correct measurement, you’ll need to ensure it crosses the line. Also, the tape may stick on your hair.

Mark The Perimeter

After taping the hair round, you should mark the perimeter of where you want the wig cap to stay. The best option is to use a permanent marker to trace this perimeter in front of a mirror. After tracing, you can cut off the excess part of the plastic wrap.

Place on the mannequin and sew wig cap

With your measurements from the plastic wrap, you have an idea of what you want your blonde hair to look like. With the exact size, you can use a weaving net to sew a wig cap on the dummy’s head. It is best if you check the measurements carefully through every sewing process. That way, you’re sure that you’re getting the perfect wig cap.


Wig caps are the most essential part of your honey blonde wig. If you don’t want to buy wig caps from the market, you can follow the steps in this guide to make your wig cap.


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