Various Types Of Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners


Typically, pressure washers have nozzles connected to them to help with dirt removal, like truck cleaning. It’s a fast way to wash a surface compared to hand cleaning. However, using surface cleaners is a much better way of achieving a clean area in a very short time. Surface cleaners are attached to the pressure washer to enhance cleaning. They come in varying forms to fit different surfaces. We outline the various pressure washer surface cleaners below.

Types of pressure washer surface cleaners

Traditional cleaning can be hard and sometimes doesn’t leave a place looking all clean. With the increase in technological advancements, it’s wise to move at that pace and incorporate tools that make life easier. The forms of surface cleaners are several, but we’ll name a few.

1. Streak-free pressure washer surface cleaners

They are among the best tools you can have for your home or any other place you need to clean. All other units clean well, but this one, in particular, is a gem. It ensures no streaks or patterns are left after cleaning, especially where soap is involved. It’s good for those who take cleaning and appearance pretty seriously. It has two nozzles connected to it that rotate at high-speed to clean the area. This means that when it’s connected to a pressure washer, it cleans four times quicker than the nozzle spray. It’s suitable for use in areas like driveways, decks, and sidewalks.

2. Vertical pressure washer surface cleaners

Such pressure washer surface cleaners can be used on both vertical and flat areas. Cleaning doesn’t happen only in low-level areas. So, having tools that work both ways is a plus since not all dirty areas are flat. They come in handy for areas like doors, walls, or other house exterior parts. These units have multiple features that make them versatile. Unlike other machines, they are fit for use in a wide range of applications. Each unit has two nozzles that spin at a fixed height at high speed. They are also streak and splash-free and compatible with different pressure washer machines.

3. Heavy-duty surface cleaners

They are powerful tools with a tough exterior to withstand tough projects. Any cleaning done with these cleaners is considered serious as they are meant for large areas with dirt that’s stubborn and hard to remove. Nevertheless, you can use them on standard surfaces just that their powerful nature will produce better results after cleaning.  Despite having stainless steel and hard plastic outer shells, their bristles are both tough and flexible to protect the surface in contact.

4. Overspray-free pressure washer surface cleaners

These units ensure that the water is directed to the surface being cleaned and nothing around it. For example, when cleaning a concrete surface, the pressure used is high and may damage other things if directed to them. The surface cleaners’ dome shape contributes highly to this and is perfect for sensitive areas.

Final words

With the list of pressure washer surface cleaners above, you now understand what you can find in the market. The options give you room to choose what is best for you and your needs. Each kind has specific qualities that enable it to operate as indicated. Some surface cleaners are compatible with all pressure washers. However, the pressure washer unit you choose influences the type of cleaner you get.


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