The Best Lace Front Wigs for Partying


The main reason for hosting a party is to bring friends and acquaintances together so that you can catch and blow off some steam after having a busy schedule. Although you are attending the party to have fun, there is no better platform to showcase your fashion prowess because mostly everyone will dress to impress. You will, therefore, probably spend a considerable amount of time deciding on what to wear.


Besides gorgeous outfits, makeup, and shoes, the hair wig you wear will determine whether you stand out among your peers. You will have to choose one that complements your dressing code and enhances a natural look. The 13×4 lace front wig delivers a flawless top-notch look that will make you glow even under dim lights.


There is a wide variety of lace front wigs to choose from, but what should you consider before acquiring one? The following features should guide you when shopping for an ideal partying wig.


Features to Consider When Shopping for Party Wigs

1. Hairline Density

Cross-check the density across the wig’s hairline because some wigs have huge, noticeable knots. The density at the back depends on your preference but ensure the front ranges between 115-120%. A higher density ensures you don’t spend much time making the hair look natural. Customize the lace front wig with tweezers to make the front appearance look less bulky.


2. Hair Type

Decide on the type of hair that blends well with your complexion and dressing style by choosing either synthetic, human, or blended hair (a mixture of both synthetic and human). Human hair offers more styling options because you can dye it, while synthetic hair has limited versatility because it doesn’t cope well with heat. However, human hair is more expensive compared to synthetic wigs. On the other hand, the synthetic hair in blended hair limits the longevity of the wig.


3. Sizing

For your partying wig to appear natural, measure the circumference of your head before buying. It doesn’t make sense to buy a wig and later use glue to keep it intact after realizing it is too big or small. Enjoy unparalleled comfort by acquiring a wig that perfectly fits your head.


4. Lace Type

There are three types of lace to choose from, based on your taste and preference. They include French, Swiss, and HD. HD lace is thin and offers a more natural look, whereas Swiss lace is thicker but more durable. French lace is thicker among all, most noticeable, lasts a long time but is the least realistic.


5. Reviews

Look at the review section to get raw feedback from previous customers. The seller may post beautiful photos, but the ratings and comments from consumers enlighten you on the quality of the hair wigs.


Follow the above tips and be sure to get the best lace front wig that will make you glow when partying. For the best deals for lace front wigs for partying, visit Lolly Hair and get the most affordable and exclusive prices.


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