Easiest methods to get 99 Construction in Oldschool Runescape.


The skill of Construction in OSRS Gold is highly costly. The average budget for using the Mahogany plank method in Oldschool Runescape is 90M OSRS gold to 200M OSRS gold. In this article, you gonna know about different methods that are beneficial along with experience rates and OSRS prices.

Oak Dungeon Doors

This is the most basic and popular method or way of training construction. Experience rates depend on your clicking speed. Its average rates range from 200k to 400k for every sixty minutes. But at the current time, this method has 90M OSRS gold for 99 construction skills. It’s a good favour for a player who does not have enough amount of gold. Remember one thing that, for training skills in construction you should have a pile of Runescape gold.

Teak Garden benches method

At the current time, it costs 133M Runescape gold for 99 Construction. It is more costly than the oak larders method but it will give you improved experience rates. With the required speed level, you will pay 450K per hour for experience rates.

Mahogany method

This method is costly and apex of high price, and high gains. It will cost you 190M Oldschool Runescape Gold for 99 Construction. This costly skill entertains you with a reward to get more than 600k to 800k experience rate for every 60 minutes.

Method of mythical cape

After the finalization of the level Dragon Slayer 2 quest. It is one of the easiest and less costly methods. It will cost you 97M OSRS gold price at current cost rates.

Guide for strength levels 1 to 99.

Strength is the cheapest and fastest skill anyone can get in the game Oldschool Runescape.

Level 1 to 30

Levels 1 to 30 are considered early levels and the best way to strengthen these levels is the finalization of the waterfall quest. This quest will reward the player with 13,750 experience rates in both attack and strength. In this way, after completion of a level 3 account, this quest will be upgraded to 30 attacks and strength. It will save you time to upgrade the strength level one by one from 1 to 30.

Level 1 to 99

This is the most epic training method in Runescape. In these levels, you will have to fight some monster with hit points (50 to 60) and zero defensive stats. It will strengthen your attacking and defending skills in Runescape. Sand crabs have 1 level for all battle stats and zero attack stats. But you will receive 10 Oldschool Runescape gold per kill of these monsters.

Level 40 to 90

The substitute method of sand crabs is fighting with Chaos Druids and killing them. By killing these monsters per hour, you will get an award of 150 to 250k OSRS gold for 50+ attacks. The most popular area to fight with these monsters and kill them is Edgeville Dungeon and Traverly Dungeon.

The best Armour for OSRS gold.

It’s really necessary to have the highest strength for your armour. Because your strength bonus will predict your hit rates.

For example.

1.Helm+2 Str Bonus/ level 45 Defence required

2. +2 Str Bonus/ level 55 Defence required

3. +8 Str bonus/ must be too good at the game.


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