Factors Affecting The Cost of Necklaces

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You may be checking the prices of jewelry on legitimate sites like acordoi.com, and you will have nothing but amazement. You may see a necklace at a seemingly low price and a similar necklace with a large difference in the price of the necklaces. There is a high chance that you assume that the one with a low price is fake, while the expensive necklace is the quality one. But do not the surprised if the necklace with a lower price lasts as long as the expensive one. The price tag of necklaces does not indicate the quality of these necklaces. Instead, it is an indication of the worth of the necklace.

Mostly, necklaces are gotten from precious metals globally. The availability of these metals is the first factor that affects how much you will pay to get the necklace. For instance, if a jeweler has to travel far and wide to get the metal before the production process begins, it will affect the cost of the resulting necklace. Apart from getting the stones, the process, design, labor cost are some of the factors that contribute greatly to the price of any necklace. Therefore, if they do not spend so much building jewelry, they have no reason to inflate the price. This guide is your answer to the factors that affect the cost of necklaces. Here, we will explain how each factor affects the cost of the necklace. Some of the factors include;

Scarcity of precious metal

Most of the time, the reason why a product may cost more than another is scarcity. There are different types of metals across the globe. Some of these metals are very common and readily available, while others are rare. Finding, mining and processing the common metals would not be an issue because you do not have to look for the metal. For the rare metals, you may need to take some steps such as blasting, to access the metal. These steps will cost money, which will, in most cases, have a direct effect on the total cost of the resulting necklace.

Design of the necklace

There are different designs of necklaces used globally. The design of the necklace affects the price of the necklace directly. If you have a single necklace going round as its design, then there is no complexity in the process. But when you have different layers of the necklace across different metal types, you have a complex design. It will cost the designer more to make such a necklace, and as such, you will pay more.

Material quality

The precious metal is not the only part of the necklace. The chain where the precious metal will stay is also an important part of the necklace. Some chains are of low quality, and a simple mistake of pulling the chain will leave your necklace bad. A good necklace chain should be strong to withstand some external factors.

Labour and craftsmanship

From the experts who go to look for the precious metals, to the blacksmith and the professional who makes the metal into a necklace, there are many people involved in necklace creation. This will affect the cost. After each of these reasons, Branding is another factor that will affect the cost directly.


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