How to Connect Game Controllers for PC to Your PC


A game controller for pc is one of the best inventions for gamers. It will ensure you have the best gaming outcomes. However, you must first know how to connect the game controler for pc to your pc. Efficient connection is the first step to your gaming journey. Manufacturers provide a manual to make everything easy and exciting. Luckily, we will simplify the whole process for you. Here is how you can connect game controllers for pc to your pc.

Simple steps when connecting game controllers for pc to your pc

Now that you are excited to acquire a new controller, learning how to execute the connection ensures that you safely play and enjoy the moment. The connection between the game controller and pc depends on your controller type. The wired and wireless controllers have different connection processes. Below is a simple guide on how you can complete the connection.

Connecting your pc with a wireless game controller for pc

A wireless controller uses Bluetooth to ensure that connection is possible. If your desktop does not have Bluetooth, make sure you shop for the USB device that enables a Bluetooth connection. If your pc already has Bluetooth, you are good to go. Here are the simple steps you need to follow for an efficient connection.

Check power source

Most wireless PC controllers for pc require batteries to operate, though others may need you to charge. Therefore, make sure that your controller has enough power. If it does not have a charge, power it before you use it.

Bluetooth pairing

Once you confirm that the controller has the necessary power, you can proceed to the next step. Turn your PC’s and controller Bluetooth on for pair mode to be possible. The device will signal when a successful pairing takes place.

Controller’s configuration

The controller’s configuration ensures you can set up your setting requirement. After pairing, the software present may prompt you to configure the controller. In that case, change the settings to your preferences.

Connecting your pc with a wired game controller for pc

Like the wireless game controller for pc, connecting the wired is also straightforward. Start with plugging the USB cable. The wired controller offers users a very convenient connection option. You only need to locate your PC’s port and plug the USB cable into it. The only key consideration to apply in this step is ensuring a secure plugging. Some operating systems will need you to install a separate driver for an efficient connection. The best thing is that PCs can easily locate the necessary software. You will only need to download the driver and install it. Once done, you are good to go.


As you can see from above, connecting your game controllers for pc to your computer is rather straightforward. You do not require an expert’s help for the simple process. However, you can always consult the user manual if you are stuck. Another advantage is the process does not take a lot of your time. Buy the best game controllers from EasySMX.


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